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Name: Pokemon Black
Remake from: Pokemon Red
Remake by: Ax461 (tested by triumph)
Source – credit: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/6877/
This hack wasn’t intended to encourage people to harm or kill another people, not even encourages suicide.
It’s just a horror game like any other out there. We made it for the love to the original creepypasta and for fun.

●Game Opening like Original Creepypasta.
●Lavender Town’s GHOST as a playable Pokémon, automatically added to Party after Starter Select Event.
●CURSE move for GHOST on Pokémons and Trainers.
●Pokéballs disappear result of CURSE.
●New Type ??? for GHOST.
●GHOST cannot be removed from Pokémon Party.
●Distorted cries.
●Tombstones of cursed trainers in all maps.
●”Many Years Later…” and other changes post Elite4.
●Final cutscene/battle with GHOST.

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Pokemon Cloud White is a hack version of Pokemon FireRed and is created by Shogun with English (80%) language and French (20%) language in game. FireRed is a reincarnation of the previous Red, but with a modern layer of graphics and manything else. With Red, we only get many black and white pixels with some kind of old 8-bit music. Well, those were the days. And now, when the time changes… FireRed has come.

Now this game series has 2 newer versions, you can read to know what they are and download:

Pokemon Black 1 Rom Download

In comparison with Red, these points make FireRed become a real successor:

  • A combination of islands called Sevii Islands is accesible after beating all 8 gyms. Sevii Islands have an important role in the after-main-storyline progress. And there are two islands that can only be accessed through Nintendo events (unless you use cheat codes to get their tickets).
  • In FireRed, Pokemon have their own Individual Values and Effort Values.
  • When accesing one of the Sevii Islands, your Pokemon can be bred.
  • There are Move Tutors – Move Rememberer – Move Deleter in FireRed. They are the ones who can guide Pokemon to learn a new move – teach Pokemon any move that they could have learned before – delete HM moves (which is impossible in Red).
  • After beating Elite Four and receiving the National Dex, you could catch some Johto Pokemon. When battling Elite Fource the second time after having National Dex, they will become stronger than before.
  • Before Victory Road, there is Moltres. You can take this chance and catch it right there.
  • Bag space is wider than Red.
  • Less bug and glitch than Red.
  • Players can use Wireless Adapter to communicate with the others.


Because of these interesting points, the user Shogun on PokeCommunity has created an original Pokemon hack: Pokemon Cloud White. He started to make this hack in April 2015 with the codename “Pokemon Fire Red 493.” Up to now, it is complete with Main Story and Extensions. The others improvements and features are being completed soon. This version contains 80% of English and 20% of French. You will have to spend more than 75 hours just to play Main Story.

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At pokemoncloudwhite.com, all helpful informations about Pokemon Cloud White including: Download, Cheats and Gameshark Codes, Walkthrough and related Guides are posted and updated immediately when the next Pokemon Cloud White versions are ready. You also leave your comments and we will reply them soon.


The storyline of Pokemon Cloud White will take place after the original story of FireRed. You will start a whole new journey through 5 new regions (wow, there are 5 regions in total). And what can Shogun bring to us with Pokemon Cloud White?
Let’s experience and see it for yourself.
Length of this game: >75 hours of Scenario.

Pokemon Black Hack Ghost Rom Download Windows 10

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  • Of course there are new scenarios after Kanto and Sevii.
  • New regions Johto, Mangan, Azur (the remaining two left as a secret). Johto region contains Heart Gold/Soul Silver exclusive maps and some new maps.
  • New rivals and evil teams for you to fight. Sounds so challenging, eh?
  • New graphics system.
  • You can get the National Dex right at the beginning. This will save your time, although just a little bit.
  • New moves and abilities. Well, choose moves for your Pokemon carefully.
  • Two new systems are available: Black/White Repel and Exp Catch.
  • When you get poisoned outside battle, you will leave 1 HP.
  • You can run indoor in many places.
  • New battle backgrounds.
  • The difficulty in this game is increased. If it is too easy, no one will play.
  • You can experience the Day/Night/Weather System with the snow come from Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
  • When training your Pokemon strong enough, take part in the Pokemon World Tournament and get your own victory, your own glory!
  • All Pokemon can be caught.
  • All Mega Evolutions and Gems for Pokemon.
  • The number of Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI is more than 540. Think you can get all of them?
  • The Johto Safari Zone will appear and have the same function as the Kanto Safari Zone.

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